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Waste Italia Group, the new way of being a company

Since October 2015, Kinexia SpA has acquired the name of “Gruppo Waste Italia” resulting from the corporate restructuring which enable the business to achieve a more rational division in two main areas.

The new company (Waste Italia Group SpA), listed on the electronic share market (MTA) of the Italian Stock Exchange, concentrates under its umbrella all activities related to the environmental sector. The renewable energy segment (formerly Kinexia spa) was transferred to Innovatec, a company operating in the energy efficiency industry listed on the Italian AIM stock market. The parent Sostenya PLC, based in London, wholly owns both companies. Waste Italia group’s main operating company is Waste Italia SpA, standing out  as one of the main Italian players  in the Italian environmental services market since the late 1980s. 

The Group considers the sustainability as a protagonist of the process of continuous improvement which ensures long-standing results besides strengthening the economic and reputational performance. A new way of doing business that the company decided to fully pursue assuming a company’s business model centred on social responsibility which awarded the IQNet SR10 certification, thus becoming the first Italian company listed on the Stock Exchange to see recognized its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by an international body.

The Company aims at working to create value for all the categories of stakeholders, in accordance with the principles of social and economic responsibility along three solid directions: economic & financial, social & environmental supported by a sound and transparent Corporate Governance. By virtue of this corporate philosophy, Waste Italia Group has adopted a regulatory system, consistent with the reference framework, in other words, the provisions of National Law, the Statute, the Code of Ethics, the Model 231 and the Code of Conduct.

Waste Italia Group puts itself as a hub of new ideas, by valorising them as ingredients of a shared business project responsible towards future generations. To promote awareness in the use of resources by communities and by private or corporate parties, the Group is also at the forefront in educational and training activities: key condition to further optimise the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

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