Race the Future for Two Centuries

Waste Italia was founded following the acquisition of US-based Waste Management Inc. by some Italian businessmen engaged in the environmental sector and utilities, including Pietro Colucci.

Pietro Colucci, as a pioneer in the industry, creates the division "Renewable Energy" of the Group.

Waste Italia ended up the concentration process of all activities about non-hazardous waste management.

In July 2008 Pietro Colucci took over Schiaparelli SpA (founded in 1824), among the first listed on the stock exchange companies in Italy. He started the Company's business conversion in renewable energy and renaming it as Kinexia SpA.
Also in 2008, Colucci joined the shareholders of Waste Italia, the private equity fund managed by Synergo; supporting the strategy of growth and expansion of the company in its sector was the aim.

Holding Sostenya was founded, the integrated Group in renewable energy and environment, which Kinexia and Waste Italia took part.


Kinexia approves the 2013-2015 Business Plan confirming the agro business, district heating wind / small wind, photovoltaic roof and energy efficiency lines, with a focus on the environment and on internationalization. The Company promotes the technological solutions development that integrate the production of energy from renewable sources and environmental services.

Kinexia acquired sunsystem Spa and Innovatec Srl, then part of the same company as Innovatec.
Kinexia Group - through its subsidiary Innovatec SpA, a company listed on AIM (Italian Stock) at the end of the same year - started a new project called "Smart", which offers smart grid, energy efficiency and energy storage to corporate and retail Italian and international market. The project is based on technological innovation both in products and processes. The business model is based on the connections between web, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The merger and extraordinary operations In the course of 2014 the reverse merger between Sosenya Group and Kinexia Group was completed. The new project strengthens and increases Kinexias’ competitive positioning in the environmental sector, thanks to the integration with the Sostenya Group and more specifically to its subsidiary Waste Italia, one of the main players in the Italian environmental services market. In Autumn, Waste Italia completed a bond offering which led to the acquisition of the company Geotea and enabled Waste Italia to become the undisputed Italy’s private leader in the company’s reference market, represented by non-hazardous special waste management.

The year of the new corporate structure In October 2015, in an effort to reposition and reorganise the corporate activities, the Group achieved new allocation of businesses. Gruppo Waste Italia (formerly Kinexia spa) focuses on environmental activities and Innovatec (listed on AIM market) concentrates in both renewables and energy efficiency activities. Sostenya PLC is the English holding company that heads said branches.

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