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Circular economy for Zero impact communities

Green, socially engaged, international and with well-developed technology: the 4 guidelines which help shape the tenacious entrepreneurial spirit of the Group and the people who work in it.

The Group recognises the sustainable development on the basis of the business strategy and stands out as protagonist of a continual improvement process in order to pursue a policy of innovation and economic growth through the intelligent use of natural and social resources.

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Mission: Net Zero Community

The goal is to help communities, whether homes, industries or cities, to become "zero impact" creating with concrete proposals integrated activities in the environmental sector and in the renewable energy. Waste Italia Group combines an enlightened entrepreneurial spirit with a strong managerial organisation.

"Environmentality", an ambitious but very concrete concept of enterprise, part of an integrated and diversified Group which is based on: innovation and research, closely applied to business, interception of winning ideas, coherence with the requirements of the Green Economy providing services and infrastructures in favour of the environmental sustainability, in full respect of the rules, able to create value on a consistent and continuous basis.

Vision: anticipating the future to live as protagonists

Waste Italia Group puts itself as a key player, leading the sector towards an aware and responsible sustainability. Orientating the market towards a new model of sustainable development to help communities make carbon neutral, providing concrete and timely solutions to the environmental problems. To give substance to this vision it’s necessary to have farsighted prospects,  that are possible  thanks to the distinguishing features of the Group and they are:

  • Resilience: a cohesive core of people who can cope with the changing of internal and external conditions without compromising the features and values;
  • Durability: an industrial model that pursues the values as traced by the founders, but able to look to the future without losing sight of the daily challenges;
  • Leadership: characteristic determined by the quality of the projects and their implementation, to be a reference point for stakeholders and a profitable investment opportunity for the capital market.

Values: Ethics, transparency, reliability, excellence

Environmental and social sustainability, honesty, fairness, transparency, moral and professional commitment and team spirit are the basis of every action and characterize the relations of the company to employees, third parties and to the environment where it works. These values are practiced in the daily work of everybody and contribute to create our company according to the four guidelines: Green, Socially committed, International and technologically advanced.

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