Investor RelationsSostenya – Kinexia Reverse Merger

Sostenya – Kinexia Reverse Merger

Through the reverse merger Sostenya has been incorporated into Kinexia - under the Art. 2501 of the Italian Civil Code. The than Sostenya Group controlled both Kinexia Group and Waste Italia Group. With this transaction, Kinexia has shifted from being a controlled company to the parent company.

The integration with the Waste Italia Group, resulting from the merger between Kinexia and Sostenya, has given rise to a listed industrial Group, one of the most important corporations in Italy in terms of size operating in the renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental industries, capable of exploiting the synergies among the sectors.

The merger makes even more concrete Kinexia’s evolution towards the development of technologies that integrate the production pof energy from renewable sources and the integrated management of environmental services.

Further information on the reverse merger is available at the respective Italian section on this website.

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