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Institutions and local communities

The Group companies have direct relations with authorities responsible for issuing permits and authorizations to the control and supervision, in full respect of the rules and the Code of Conduct of the different Group companies, based on the principles of fairness, transparency and collaboration. The authorization for the construction and operation of the plant is issued by the state bodies by law following an authorization process. The supervision of the work, in accordance with the current regulations and with the particular requirements contained in the authorization, is instead performed by multiple entities including: Province, Arpa, ASL.
The Group companies operating in the waste and in some types of energy plants become available to a monitoring and control system, implemented directly by the operator. The results are shared directly with the entities concerned with predetermined intervals.
In particular, the establishment of a Supervisory Commission is expected and is composed of representatives appointed by the city, by the company and by technical experts. The Commission carries out regular meetings timetabled by the President and monitors the activity of the plant.
The group with the institutions and local communities establish a relationship of dialogue that allows a constant comparison, ensuring a continuous flow of technical and management information in relation to the system / service.
Kinexia is a referent always available to support the government in providing information on the management of the facilities, is a partner with the aim of creating a climate of consensus on the territory, and demonstrates transparency of management, providing guarantees safety and fairness.

Major initiatives of dialogue

  • Structured forms of dialogue with local institutions where the Group is present with plants or services
  • SEI Energia: card of services;
  • Collaboration with University;
  • Support to “Bethany Community”;
  • Ecoteca: traveling library for the development of environmental culture

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