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Shareholders Public and private investors, both Kinexia SpA and the subsidiary Innovatec S.p.A. 

Major initiatives of dialogue

  • Real time publication on the website of financial statements, reports, and other significant transactions disclosed;
  • All business initiatives in the News section of the site;
  • Meetings dedicated to dialogue and information.

Sustainable Projects

  • Kinexia and Altis

    Kinexia and Altis Kinexia and ALTIS ( High School Business and Society, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano) have launched a promoter project to Read More
  • School Project

    School Project "The young man walks faster of the elderly, but the old man knows the way." This African saying gives a Read More
  • Welfare Project

    Welfare Project Welfare project was born in 2012 and promotes initiatives (working or not) dedicated to all employees. The most popular service Read More
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