CSR Policyobjectives

General objectives of CSR policy of Group Kinexia 

The General objectives contained in the Social Responsibility Policy, approved by the BOD last 25th November 2013, are set out in Improvement Plan (on a three-yearly basis 2015-2017) prepared in the course of IQNet SR 10 certification process and can be summarised as follow:

  • Comply with SR10 standards: 2011 Management systems for social responsibility and any requirements related to social responsibility entered;
  • Account for substantial effects impacts arising from our activity and corporate decisions;
  • Disseminate information about our activity and the decisions for which the company is responsible in a comprehensive and transparent manner;
  • Pursue values such as honesty, integrity and fairness while carrying out activities and decisions;
  • Respect, consider and respond to stakeholders' interests;
  • Meet legal applications and observe national and international rules of conduct ;
  • Pursue the continuous improvement of its own Management System for social responsibility.

In the course of 2014, 53 % of objectives scheduled by the Improvement Plan have been attained.

Improvement goals

1. Area of improvement - Environmental protection and the respect of social, cultural and economic characteristics
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2. Area of improvement - Enhancement of professional skills
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3. Area for improvement - Health, safety and welfare in the workplace
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4. Area for improvement - Financial transparency
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