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The Waste Italia Group is a holding company listed  on the electronic share market (MTA) of the Italian Stock Exchange operating in the environmental sector.

Financial activity

As a company listed on the Stock Exchange, Gruppo Waste Italia focuses primarily on Group’s financial aspects, transferring all operational aspects involving special waste management services to its subsidiary Waste Italia SpA. The Group adopts the circular economy theory as business model, therefore its approach points to strategically concentrate resources and energies.
The trend towards continuous improvement gives more durable results, besides strengthening the economic and reputational performance. A new way of doing business that Waste Italia Group decided to fully pursue assuming a company’s business model centered on social responsibility. Moreover, the Company believes that only high ethical and sustainable business practices can ensure soundness and success for its stakeholders.

Management activity

Gruppo Waste Italia , through its subsidiaries, specialises in providing business services concerning the management of special waste (resulting mainly from industrial and commercial activities), from the collection at the producer’s premises to final disposal. It is the ideal partner for those companies pursuing a fully compliant and environmentally sound waste management. Choosing Waste Italia as a business partner means relying on a company built on a solid foundation of leadership guided by an experienced and always up-to-date management team.
Waste Italia boasts a portfolio of more than three thousand long-standing customers, across all industries, ranging from large-scale distribution to the steel and manufacturing sector. Gruppo Waste Italia’s business covers the entire integrated waste management chain through the collection, transportation, sorting, treatment, recovery, waste-to-energy and disposal of special waste. For further information, please visit our website

Sustainable activity

Sustainability is the recurring theme in all our practices; we are strictly convinced that only a sustainable company can ensure a clear business model able to guarantee financial soundness for its shareholders, fair and safe services for its customers. Furthermore, for Gruppo Waste Italia it is essential to integrate business practices and territorial realities where we operate, either directly- through our facilities - or through a network of certified partners. In fact, many activities involving local communities are planned (ranging from site visits of the facilities to more sophisticated projects, such as the “schools project”.

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