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Code of Ethics

Waste Italia Group is conscious of playing a significant role in the economic development and welfare of the communities in which it operates. The Group’s mission focuses on growth and on the creation of shared and long-lasting value over time for all of its Stakeholders.

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The Board of Directors therefore considered fundamental to clearly define the core values and principles that guide the company to ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with legally binding reference standards. The present Code of Ethics is framed by the core principles that inspire the management of the company and collects a set of rules of conduct that everybody required to respect in the performance of its own tasks.

Waste Italia Group’s management shall concretely apply the values and principles contained in the Code, by assuming all responsibilities towards both internal and external counterparts and reinforcing trust, cohesion and group spirit. Managers are required to know the contents of the Code and take due account of it in the formulation and realisation of projects, actions and investments necessary for the long-term increase of the corporate value, for the best return of its shareholders and for partners and community’s long term well-being.

The Group’s management team shall supervise the dissemination, the application and the updating of the Code of Ethics in order to bring it into line with applicable new legislation and/or regulations and changing social sensitivity, doing its utmost to encourage the awareness of its importance among its collaborators. The function of the Code Guarantor is entrusted to the Supervisory Board, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, which has independent powers of initiative and control. The Code of Ethics is approved by the Board of Directors of each Group Company.

Waste Italia Group  is committed to ensuring full compliance with the Code contents through information procedures and tools, control systems and, in the case of irregularities, is committed to adopting corrective measures. The Code of Ethics, invoking principles of conduct which are also used to prevent unlawful behaviour regulated in Model 231, is an integral element of the same. The company  also undertakes to update the contents in the event of any modifications to the context, reference standards environment or company organisation that make it appropriate or necessary.

The updated Code of Ethics was approved by the Board of Directors of Kinexia SpA on January 23rd, 2015

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