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Control and risk committee

The Control and Risk Committee is in charge of analysing problems and implementing procedures relevant to the control of company’s activities by order of the Board of Directors. Its mission is to assist the Board of Directors by providing advice and preparing proposals on the definition of guidelines for the internal control system; on the identification of an executive director in charge of supervising the operation of the internal control system; on the evaluation, at least on an annual basis, of the efficiency and effective operation of the internal control system.

Conponents Position
Bozzetti Giovanni Non - executive independent director
Edoardo Esercizio Non - executive independent director
Fornasiero Alessandra Non - executive director

Together with the director in charge of preparing the corporate accounting documents and the auditors, it assesses the correct use of accounting principles and their consistency for the purposes of preparing the consolidated financial statements; expresses, on the request of the executive director in charge, opinions on specific aspects related to the identification of the main business risks and to the design, creation and management of the internal control system; examines the work plan prepared by the Internal Audit Manager and the periodic reports prepared by the same; reports to the Board at least every six months on activities carried out and on the adequacy of the internal control system.

Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 39 of 27 January 2010, the Board of Statutory Auditors, and no longer the Control and Risk Committee, has exclusive responsibility for the evaluation of proposals from the independent auditors seeking engagement, in addition to the audit work plan, the monitoring of the effectiveness of the statutory audit. On the date of the Corporate Governance Report of 2014, the Control and Risk Committee consisted of 3 non-executive directors, of which two were independent.

In the course of 2014, The Internal Control and Risks Committee met 9 times with an average attendance rate of 88.8%
(Source: Sustainability Report 2014)

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