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Model 231

Waste Italia Group, sensitive to the need of ensuring conditions of fairness and transparency in the carrying out of its activity, is aware of the importance of having a Control and Management Organisation Model, to prevent unlawful conduct by its own directors, employees and collaborators.

The Model describes and governs the behaviour of the company, sets compliance with the laws related to it and introduces a system of external and internal rules with which it complies. 

231 schema

The Model consists of a general part and ten special parts which define offences against the (i) Public Administration; (ii) Company; (iii) Market abuse; (iv) Safety at the work place; (v) handling of stolen goods and money laundering; (vi) cybercrime; (vii) organised crime; (viii) copyright offences, (ix) environmental offences, (x) employment of third-country nationals without a permit.

The general part of the Model describes the legislative framework on which it is based, the reasons which prompted the company to adopt the Model, a general description of the Code of Ethics, the rules which govern the activity carried out by the Supervisory Board, the rules on training and information, and the Disciplinary System.

The Supervisory Board, as an autonomous entity, independent and impartial with respect to the company, is responsible for supervising and regularly monitoring the effectiveness and actual adoption by the company of the principles contained in Model 231.

The Supervisory Board is also obliged to inform the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors and organises information and training within the company. As for the composition of the Supervisory Board, Waste Italia Group opted for a mixed body composed of two internal components, in order to ensure continuity of action, and an external Chairman. 

The updated version of the Model 231 was approved by the Board of Directors on January 29, 2015.

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